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    Correct certification path


    by junior ·

    I Just finished my CompTIA networking plus today, rather happy as now i have A + and Network + hehehe

    I’m now wondering which path i should choose next, MCSE, CCNA etc… I guess it depends on what career patth i prefer or what suits me but honestly i’d love to do all lolm prolly won’t happen but hey… anyhows im thinking MCSE followed by 2 others, so the question is

    which exams will take me HIGH and put me at the TOP of the TOP

    Thanks fellow IT pros

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      Its all about your decision.

      by lewisb ·

      In reply to Correct certification path

      Whatever you think will be right for you. CCNA or MCSA. As you said you have Network+ certification, your previous concept of networking may reduce your lot of study burden if you go for CCNA. And if you choose MCSA you get relief of 1 eletive paper. Its all about your your decision.
      Good luck!

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