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    correct me if im wrong….i think of linux as…


    by davedxb ·

    I think of linux like the black hole in space…

    An empty vacuum that is to ur exposale.

    My main question may really be simple, i just need you guys to confirm it.

    Linux starts of as an empty box that you fill up with stand alone programs….right?

    I want to know….what are the minimal programs needed, to get linux installed….with absolutly nothing else.

    Sort of like windows…..the minimal programs needed to get it up and running.

    Are alot of them small programs needed? Or can you listr them here?

    The base files…..

    I know u need a few….like

    hardware detector…
    mmm…i cant think of any more….is it possible to list them?

    Or are they to many?

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        by davedxb ·

        In reply to here

        damn u guys are fast at finding the answers and links! What would we do without u, without this community.

        Thanks alot!

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          finding it?

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to waw

          I wrote that content. 😀
          though the listing is directly from Gerard Beekman’s Linux From Scratch Book.

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      Think of Linux like you think of WIndows

      by anthony.mcclay ·

      In reply to correct me if im wrong….i think of linux as…

      Think of Linux like you think of windows.

      When you install windows you recieve some basic programs and utilities, such as notepad, and a web browser.

      The same is true for most of the consumer ready Linux distributions.

      If you are new to linux I would suggest Ubuntu which I think is the most consumer friendly version of the linux distributions.

      It will have all the basic item you would expect from a mature consumer operating system.

      I use Linux because of the better erformance I get with memory management, and also it is closer to my production environments as a developer where I produce solutions for Linux, Solaris, HP, and AIX.

      Don’t run from this.. My Grandmother uses Ubuntu as well. I no longer have the huge costs of MS Office and other tools, as most of the tools that are in general need like OpenOffice (A replacement for Microsoft office) are available for free (Open Source) and fully functional.

      Tony McClay

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