correct method to create recovery usb flash drive for toshiba satellite

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having a great deal of difficulty with my Toshiba satellite laptop C55D-A5107 currently running windows 8.1 , i had made a recovery usb flash drive prior to my computer crashing and thought i had done everything correctly . when i went to try to recover my computer with the aforementioned flash drive , it would not, could not and did not boot. i went through an entirely ,completely frustrating process just to get this thing working again after many attempts of trying to get it to reset , refresh, restore ,i finally got this thing to stay on long enough without crashing through the middle of the process by getting into the UEFI settings and making some adjustments in there to get it to finally reset , somewhat. a reset is supposed to return it to its default factory out of box settings ,but, strangely that didnt happen exactly, i got it close enough to work with , ive had to reconfigure windows update because updates weren't happening at all, my secureboot wasn't configured correctly which was causing all kinds of fun on its own causing my computer to nuisance shut off til i fixed it . now i just need to figure out how to configure the recovery flash drive correctly this time so its bootable and contains the correct recovery information in case of another system crash. ive read so many posts on so many different sites and not one of them is consistent with the other. this site was referred to me from a friend that raved about how it had helped him , so im very willing to look listen and learn from here, and hopefully be able to pass on the help to someone else in need one day.

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