Correct password not accepted

By clusie ·
After managing to upgrade from XP home to XP Pro the welcome screen has "click on user name" there is only Administrator there with a password box. I put in my password and it will not accept it. I am so frustrated by this. I reinstalled XP and still came up with the same window. What can I do. Found no help at microsoft to this. Please dont tell me to click the start button because I cant get to the desktop to do this.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Correct password not acce ...

clicking on the username without putting in a password.

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Password not accepted

by clusie In reply to Try

I did try that, my user name is not there either, only the password box.
Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it.

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It sounds like

by jdmercha In reply to Correct password not acce ...

When you installed XP home you created and administrator account with a password. This is required by the insdtallation. Then you created an account with your own username and password, which is the account you used on a regular basis.

When you upgraded to XP pro the system is asking you for the original administrator password, before it will complete installation.

If you cannot remember the administrator password, then you may be able to interrupt the boot process and boot to 'last known good' or maybe to a previous restore point. Then you can log in to XP home with your usual account.

Other than that you might have to reformat the drive and install everyting from scratch.

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Windows XP Pro locked me out

by clusie In reply to It sounds like

Thank you, I did try to reinstall and the same screen came up. I do have two drives, I had a 200gb hard drive put in. I am reluctant to try anything on this drive in case I do something worse. Do you think I can do it with this drive. This computer was given to me by a friend who's father no longer used it. I did try his name but this didn't work either.
Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.

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Found a solution

by clusie In reply to Correct password not acce ...

Just letting you know that I found a solution to my problem and it fixed it. I put 'admin pass lost' in google and there was the solution for me. Thank you for your help. It told me how to get the control panel up so I could find the user name.

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