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corrupt Active Directory database , help

By jspicho ·
hi there,
i have a problem. i have a windows 2000 server that is a domain controller. and after a power surge, the active directory database got corrupt, the system doesnot boot into normal mode and it cant boot into safe mode either.
unfortunately all my backups of the system state data are corrupt so i cant restore the AD database. i donot want to carry out a fresh installation of the server because i have installed many applications which i dont want to reinstall.
someone told me there is a way to remove AD by editing the registry but i dont know how and i am not much of a registry guy so i need step by step help to edit it.
could anyone please help me remove AD so that i can log onto the server normally.
i can only log on in Directory Services Restore mode.
i will be greatful for your assistance

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to corrupt Active Directory ...

Run dcpromo.exe to demote the server back to a normal server, this will delete the corrupt AD database. Do a reboot and it should boot normally then run dcpromo again to setup your domain again (really you should have 2 or more DC servers and a GOOD backup).

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by CG IT In reply to corrupt Active Directory ...

P.J. is right. If there is only 1 DC and AD is corrupt, the backup is corrupt, the only thing you can do is start from scratch.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to corrupt Active Directory ...

Well if I'm reading your question right you don't have a working computer at the moment do you?

You only choice in this case is to perform an In place Install which will get the system up & running with all installed software running but without any of the added Patches/Service Packs.

You can follow the destructions here for a way to perform the install

Once you have a running system follow the above advice.

If the system fails to even recognise the Install CD you have a major Hardware problem that is causing your current problem so it may be much worse than you initially thought.

Either way Every Server no matter what should have a UPS between it and the mains to prevent this from happening again.


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