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Corrupt File System issues

By adamberger82 ·
Hello all and thanks for any replies i may receive. My company has a HP server which hosts a sql2000 database for our in house application. Needless to say this server is everything to this company because a majority of the work done here is done on our in house application. The server has a raid 5 array with 4 HDs in the array and one hot swappable spare. Last week one of the HDs in the array crapped out, so i swapped out the bad one for the spare and no problems, everything went back to normal. I confirmed via the HP diagnostic utility the replaced drive was 100 percent in sync with the array. After the hard drive swap however, I have come across some alarming errors that occur during my backup job (backup-exec)on that server at night. This error occurs at the same point in the backup job every night, which is when the C drive is being backup up.

"The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume1"

I receive about ten of these errors within a minute or so. I do not receive these errors any other time and the server has been running quite fine before and after i started getting these errors.

I have looked around the internet and I have seen a lot people suggesting to never run chkdsk on a raid array because the utility is not raid aware and can cause some serious havoc in a raid environment. So i am submitting my question here to get some input on the situation if anyone has some. Is chkdsk safe for raid arrays? Is there another way to check for system integrity that is raid aware. Should i just ignore this error if no problems are occurring? I am going to run NT-backup tonight and see if it is backup-exec causing this error, it has been known to do some weird things in the past. Thanks for any input that is given.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Corrupt File System issue ...

You could run chkdsk in readonly mode, The issue seems to be the filesystem is corrupted not one of the drives. Does the backup utility say what files are corrupted? This sounds like a critical server so a database backup to another server sounds in order just to make sure, along with all the critical files from that server. What version of windows server are you running?

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by adamberger82 In reply to

The computer is a Windows 2003 64 bit machine. The error log is only generated on the machine in question, and it mentions nothing about specific files in the log, it only specifies

"The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume1"

It appears its directing me to one of the drives in the array and not the entire drive as a whole which would show C as opposed to harddiskvolume1 I believe. That's why i thought maybe it was still a HD problem.

I have noticed after the HD replacement, that 2 specific files were getting skipped up by backup exec during my nightly job. Those files are lmhost.sam and a file withing the windows update uninstall directory. I have unselected the files from my backup job today and i guess ill find out how it goes tonight. Does the chkdsk utility tell you what corrupt files exist in read only mode. If so i may run it as per your suggestion. I am a bit hesitant to run chkdsk on boot because i have seen it cause havoc (especially in raid environments) and the machine itself runs like a champ currently. Thanks for the reply.

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by papedro In reply to Corrupt File System issue ...

I've had the some problem with my server, I found that one of my hard disk was so hot, that some time before I've instaled it, it developed MFT corruption. You should run chkdsk, with no problem, but if you are not confortable in doing that, you can use chkdsk without /F, you should obtain some clues about corruption.

You can also give a look at:;en-us;246026

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