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corrupt installation

By peterpan1200 ·
i was trying to install Mcafee's Virusscan 6 and during installation the computer suddenly froze and what i had was a blinking cursor. Tried rebooting the machine and the HP logo came but back to the blinking cursor. What could have gone wrong? I have no clus and this the only information i can provide. It would be a real help if i could get some sites were i can check out the problem, as most of it points to a conflict between the OS and Mcafee installation.

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corrupt installation

by TheChas In reply to corrupt installation

It sounds like your PC is booting to, or is frozen in DOS mode.

If you can type win and hit return at the prompt, you may be able to complete the installation and repair Windows.

If the PC is frozen, you will need to boot from a floppy disk, and repair the problem from their.
You may need to edit a number of system files;
or the registry.

Worst case, re-install windows.

There should be some support hints at McAfee's web site.

The likely cause, is that you did not shut down ALL running programs before starting the installation.
This includes closing ALL the icons in the system tray, and using Atl-Ctrl-Del to shut down anything else.

It is also possible that you have a virus already, and it is preventing the installation of Virus Scan.

I am using version 6.0 (with updates) on my XP system, and have had no problems with 5.X on my W98 system.


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corrupt installation

by peterpan1200 In reply to corrupt installation

thanx chas, i went ahead and reinstalled windows and looks like that solved the problem as i was afraid in getting my hands dirty with thos system files yyou had mentioned. However one thing i really donot understand is why are we supposed to close all applications from the startup while installing, can you throw some light on it, please.

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