Corrupt MFT on NTFS disk

By commissar_dil ·
I recently made a backup of my friend's media collection on her PC as she was getting rid of it in favour of a new Apple Mac. This data along with a lot of my data was on my 250GB portable harddisk (NTFS).
I lent her the disk to take what she wanted and put it all on her nice shiny new macbook, everything transferred absolutely fine but then she pulled out the USB cable from her mac without unmounting the device first... I now have a corrupt MFT and therefore windows refuses to mount this disk. tried chkdsk, no luck there...

no worries, i thought, i still have a valid copy of ERD Commander so i ripped this disk out of it's plastic casing and hooked it up to my PC's SATA controller, booted ERD and ran Disk Commander. After running a full disk scan it recognised the NTFS partition so i went to recover the files... it errored out saying it could not mount the device... i'm now in two minds as to whether i should risk formatting the disk and then try running disk commander again?

if anyone knows anything that could help, i'd really appreciate any advice!

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I do this...

by normhaga In reply to Corrupt MFT on NTFS disk


What works for me is to install the removable drive in the machine that screwed it and in the same port, forcibly mount it and then unmount it.

You can also do a forced mount in XP or Vista.

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I'm not overly familiar

by Jacky Howe In reply to Corrupt MFT on NTFS disk

with the newer MAC's, don't they require something like Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X to be able to read NTFS volumes.

You could try Norms recommendation and see if you can get it working again in the MAC.

If you don't need the information on the Drive you could try repartitioning it.

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