Corrupt MS Word Document

By mikewindschitl ·
I was asked to look at a client?s computer yesterday. They have 8-10 pre-existing Ms Word 2003 documents where all the characters including spaces and punctuation have been turned to character size squares. So the pages are filled from top to bottom within the margins with character size squares. These documents have been created by the owner and have been opened previously without a problem. Note they have several other Word documents stored that open correctly. The machine is running XP Pro and is on a network. In a possibly related issue, in the ?My documents? folder they have multiple copies of a file named prf**.tmp along with the problematic Word documents. I understand prf files have something to do with a roaming profile, and am not sure if this has anything to do with the Word doc problems. Has anyone seen this problem before or have any insight on how to correct it.


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It's good that you have a backup then.

by evildictaitor In reply to Corrupt MS Word Document

Because if you don't you're in a sticky mess, you silly silly person.

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by dawgit In reply to It's good that you have a ...

Just how does that answer the Question, or help this individual? -d

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Don't know what your root cause is, but

by Tig2 In reply to Corrupt MS Word Document

You may be able to open the content of the docs with Notepad or Wordpad. I would hazard a guess that the profile may have something to do with this- Word may have decided that the owner of the files is not really the owner.

Try highlighting the file and right click. You should have an "Open With" option. Select another text file type and see if the content opens. Warning here- you may only be able to save the content, not the formatting.

Post back your result. I am interested in knowing how it goes.

Good luck!

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In adition to Tigger's

by dawgit In reply to Corrupt MS Word Document

responce. Were those Word documents (.doc) done / created in an earlier version of Word? You could also try the MS download site, look for their 'Word Viewer' download, to view .doc's created with earlier versions of Word. They might need to be 'converted' then if that is the case. -d

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Might be of help

by Jesus_C In reply to Corrupt MS Word Document

PRF is the file extension for a System file associated with Microsoft Windows. It can also be the file extension for the Macromedia Director settings file.
As for the word files,it would seem that the files are corrupted now but the cause is often the files being opened with the wrong application and saved.The fact that they still have the word icon association on them is because it is the default program.Right click on the file in question and select properties.This will tell you when the file was last altered to determine if the user is responsible.

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