Corrupt PowerPoint File Recovery

By portable ·
Are there any tools available to recover a corrupted PowerPoint file? My wife had spent about a week putting one together and (luckily) when done presenting she wanted to save it and MOVED (not copied) it to a key drive (big mistake to trust the move). When she got home the file was corrupted and she cannot open it.

Anyone know any possibilities to recover this?


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Corrupt PowerPoint File Recovery

by Omnicef In reply to Corrupt PowerPoint File R ...

I have a program that might fix it... Do you want to send it to me?

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File Recovery

by portable In reply to Corrupt PowerPoint File R ...

Thanks for the offer, but I can't. It has confidential information. If you wrote it I'm out of luck, but if it is commercial I might see if I can get it. Thanks anyway.

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File Recovery

by Omnicef In reply to File Recovery
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RE: Powerpoint Recovery

by DugaDugDug In reply to Corrupt PowerPoint File R ...

Assuming you are using a later version of MS Office, have you tried the Detect and Repair option found under the help menu in PP?

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by portable In reply to RE: Powerpoint Recovery

Yep! Didn't help, but thanks.

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Odd thought

by Tig2 In reply to Corrupt PowerPoint File R ...

I have managed this by viewing the corrupt file through PPT viewer. On "Save", I lose some formatting but can generally retain data.

Also, try to recover the original file. Perhaps a slightly earlier version?

Good Luck!

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Great thought

by portable In reply to Odd thought

Sounded good, but apparently this file is totally trashed. I downloaded the latest viewer, installed, and tried to open, but no go. Thanks for the thought!

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Another odd thought

by Tig2 In reply to Great thought

Open Office can open files created in MS Office. Consider trying to open this file with the analogous Open Office application. While there are no guarantees, it might work and, depending on the value of the data, worth a try.

You mentioned that the file was moved to a key drive. I assume that you are referring to a USB drive? Does that drive have an encryption protocol set? Or does it compress the file in any manner? I am assuming that you are opening the file from the drive but thought it worthwhile to ask the question.

I will keep looking- I have never completely lost a file that didn't go viral. I have lost formatting but the substance has generally been salvageable.

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I'll try it

by portable In reply to Another odd thought

I just got a copy of Open Office, haven't installed yet. I will let you know what results I get.

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late post of perhaps helpful info

by btheball In reply to I'll try it

Here are the troubleshooting steps Microsoft takes you thru:
I hope you were able to recover your file.

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