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    Corrupt System File


    by powens1 ·

    Upon bootup I get an error message that my system file is corrupted. I am instructed to use the XP repair tool to fix it. However, upon selecting the drive, C: in my case, the computer asks me for my administrator password.
    I know my password and I am sure I am typing it in correctly but my computer will not recognize it. Now I can’t repair my computer without bypassing the password . . . HOW DO I DO THAT?

    I should note here that it will not let me reinstall windows xp. An error message with several lines of what appears to be binary text, tells me that the installation has been halted because proceeding will damage my hard drive. Therefore I am left with only the repair option that requires my password that it does not recognize. Can anyone out there please help?!?

    Pete Owens

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      by powens1 ·

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      When XP is originally installed there is an option

      by hal 9000 ·

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      To set a Master Password which is different to the Admin Password, you are being asked for this password when you attempt to repair the install and you’ll need to find out what it is by asking the original installer of the OS.


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        Or it could be that…

        by older mycroft ·

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        The original poster is using HIS id, assuming that it has administrator privileges.

        i.e. Administrator privileges on his personal id – is not the same as the ADMINISTRATOR ID & Password.

        If he never instigated the Administrator password, the password is “blank” – empty.

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          Yes that’s how I set up new systems as well

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Or it could be that…

          Provided that they are not going into a major business but some others do not follow this procedure and add BIOS Passwords to prevent any BIOS Changes and the Root Admin Password so that they have to do any further Service Work.

          As this person lists their position as [i]Executive Management (Chairman, CEO, CFO, Partner)[/i] I would say that it’s a fair bet that they never originally setup the system and relied on someone else to do this. As we do not know what they did anything is possible and that is where I would be looking for an answer.

          Windows makes it so easy to encourage customers to return to you with things like this even if the Service Tech is less than totally honest as they have you over a barrel as you are stuck between a Rock & a Hard Place when you run into this situation.


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