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    corrupt user profile


    by daygo_171 ·

    My windows XP user profile will not allow me to log in (after a time of working properly has passed). The admin profile works fine.

    It is set not to expire. I have actually deleted it and then recreated it. After a couple of weeks it will not allow me to log in. If I go in as admin and force feed the password, it works. Is there a SAM file in XP that I must delete before the new profile is created?

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      Reply To: corrupt user profile

      by chrisdent ·

      In reply to corrupt user profile

      One thing to check…

      Go to Control Pannel and Administrative Tools.

      Open up Local Security Policy.

      Under Account Policies and Password Policy check that all policies are set so the password doesn’t expire.

      I believe by default Windows XP sets the maximum password age to 42 Days.

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