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corrupt volume name?

By mcbarons ·
I reformatted a hard drive in preparation for Win98 installation. When installer ran scandisk, it found errors: something about tables being wrong size. Rebooted to floppy. Tried to reformat "Check existing disk format. Invalid device parameters from device driver.". Went into fdisk. Volume name is a bunch of gibberish non-standard characters. Can't delete partition as I can not enter in volume name. Help!

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corrupt volume name?

by Ann777 In reply to corrupt volume name?

That does not look good.

I suggest that you attach this drive to another computer as a secondary drive. then see if you can get that computer to recognize the drive and format it.

Sounds like the low-level format is toasted and maybe the entire drive. Who is the manufacturer of the drive? Have you check their website for a low-level format utility? That might help.

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corrupt volume name?

by 1stladytech In reply to corrupt volume name?

This will sometimes happen, usually it is not a drive problem, but a software glitch. If you have a utility program that will do a destructive write test routine to the hard drive, this will overwrite the corruption that you have and allow you to re-fdisk and format the drive. I use Microscope, but a utility such as wipe disk should work the same. Sometimes the hd manufactor will offer diags from thier site that will allow a destructive write test, you can also try there. When this happens to me, I make sure the drive is in the system that I am going to use it in, run fdisk /mbr, reboot, run fdisk and put in the partition, reboot and then run fdisk /mbr again. The reboots are important, though time consuming, the results are consistent.


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corrupt volume name?

by mcbarons In reply to corrupt volume name?

I fixed it. I ended up using Win2K install disks to delete the "bad" partition and created a new one and then canceled out of the install. Put in my trusty old Win98 boot floppy and reformatted it. Drive then worked perfectly.

Thanks for your help.

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