Corrupt Zip Files Attachments In Email

By cluggy ·
We currently have a hosted exchange 2003 service which we connect to using outlook 2007/2003 clients using RPC over HTTP. We have started to receive automated emails from a Yahoo Search Marketing service with zip file attachments. 4 out of the 5 emails sent consistently every time will report that the zip file attachment is corrupted or invalid, the other always opens fine. The file sizes range from 2 kb up to 80kb. We have tried switching cache mode off, creating new outlook profiles, saving the attachments to disk, uninstall AV/SPAM different zip archive applications etc with no success. The service provider has setup a test outlook profile and can apparently open the files fine using Outlook 2007 with RPC over HTTP. If I connect to the exchange service using IMAP from the same outlook clients the same attachments previously that would not open now do. This issue is experienced by all users who receive this file. All other zip file attachments are received fine we just experience this problem originating from this email source.
Thanks in advance

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Have you tried to open these e-mails....

By "notepad". Right click on these e-mails and then "save as" and save them onto your desktop then select "notepad" to open them.
Hope this helps in some way.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Not sure if I quite understand

by cluggy In reply to Have you tried to open th ...

, but if I do this on the mail i just get the text of the email which I can read fine anyway, if I do this on the attachment I get a file full of rubbish. Thanks

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Long shot?

by Bizzo In reply to Corrupt Zip Files Attachm ...

If the emails themselves are OK, the zip files are consistently corrupted and you can recieve zip files from other sources without issue. Could the problem be with the source? Maybe there's a problem with the Yahoo Search Marketing service?

Have you tried recieving the mails to another account, not through your exchange server? Maybe to a hotmail or gmail account?

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Yep, we have tried

by cluggy In reply to Long shot?

external accounts and the attachments open fine. Also if we configure the client to connect through IMAP they open fine it only appears to be when we connect the client through RPC over HTTP or go through OWA. I wonder could ISA (or their firewall) be causing the problem, I don't know enough about it? Thanks anyway. I am welcome of any long shots.

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by ajit4133 In reply to Long shot?

forward that mail to rediff or yahoo id & try to open on diffrent pc.

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Forward zip File,

by cluggy In reply to FORWARD THAT MAIL TO ANOT ...

I tried as suggested forwarding a received email (that reported being corrupt) through a RPC/HTTP connected client to an external account and as you would expect it was corrupted. I then also obtained the same file only not corrupted and forwarded it through the RPC/HTTP connected client to en external account and the file opened fine. Thanks

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