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corrupted and unreadable

By May_Day ·
My problem is this i have 2 hard disk installed on my pc, the master drive is 40 gb and the slave is 10 gb. I used the 10 gb hd to save all my works, documents, lay-out etc. In other words this is where i store all my works. Yesterday i was able to used the 10 gb drive fine, but today when i tried to open a folder it gave me an error "THE FILE OR DIRECTORY IS CORRUPTED AND UNREADABLE" and most of the folders i can't open has ~1! as the last character name of the folder. Please help me what to do.

I tried to use windows scandisk but its no use it did not detect any problem in fact it only takes 5 seconds to scan my 10 gb hard disk.

I have not yet use any third party software to fix the said drive.

Unfortunately, I have no other back-up of all the files.

Please help me please.


My OS: Windows XP Pro

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by K.Grass In reply to corrupted and unreadable

You can try System Restore. If SR is unable to recover satisfactorily then reboot into Safe Mode by repeatedly hitting the F8 key after the POST (Power-On-Self-Test) usually followed by a beep.

This should bring you to the Boot Menu and you can select Safe Mode from there. But you have to ask yourself; What did I do recently that caused to situation to appear? A software installation that went awry. Maybe even a Windows Update.

Another possibility is that your hard disk is badly fragmented. Use Disk Cleanup and then try Defragging it.

Another fix: Run a Full System Scan with your AV product.

Another fix: Run a scan for spyware using either Spybot Search & Destroy or AdAware Personal SE. Both are free.

Another fix: and hopefully this isn't the case; the drive has gone south.

Although I've never tried it I've heard that Spin Right from the Gibson Research Corp. ( will recover even the most disatrous HDD calamities.

I wish you luck and HTH. :)

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by statykserver In reply to corrupted and unreadable

Try out this program for file recovery that another guy from here referred me to. It sounds like your hard drive is going bad so back up what you can soon and replace the drive.

Good luck

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by philipcs In reply to corrupted and unreadable

1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type chkdsk /f <drive>:, where <drive> is the letter of the drive on which the damaged file, folder or file system index exists.
3. Click OK.

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