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Corrupted emails?!?!

By Benyo ·
Background: We have a number of users with this same problem and there is no apparent reason why some are getting this error and some are not.

Server Tech Spec: Exchange 5.5 on NT server runnning latest SP and patches. Also running up-to-date AVsoftware on server and clients.

Client Tech Spec: Win 2K sp2, running Outlook 2000.

Problem: When some of our users are synchronizing their online mail folders or just moving mail to their PST files they receive an error stating that the mail cannot be accessed as it has probably been moved or deleted already. If the offending email(s) are opened and then closed again, they move without error. These emails are from various people, some with and some without attachments with no common linkbetween them. We have run the AV check on many occasions but it found nothing wrong. We have rebooted our Exchange server twice for other reasons but this also had no affect. I have searched TechNet and the net but found nothing. Please help! I wishfor the hair that is still attached to my scalp to remain there!

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Corrupted emails?!?!

by [_Rick_> In reply to Corrupted emails?!?!
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Corrupted emails?!?!

by Benyo In reply to Corrupted emails?!?!

This seems to be unrelated to our problems, but a handy article anyway. We have run a compact and repair on our exchange databases which seems to have cut down the number of people affected by this problem, but still, some instances are recurring. I'll leave this one running for a little while longer!

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