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Corrupted Fonts, without solid colors.

By onederer ·
What application in MS Windows98SE controls the global function of fonts for the entire system, and all applications?

Many Win applications, display unformed fonts, sometimes only displaying sporatic dots to form the outline of the font, but the character doesn't get filled in with a solid color.
The temp. cure the problem at the moment, when using an application, it to right click on the page, and click on "select all". When the entire page is highlighted, then the fully formed charactersshow up. Sometimes, when watching IE pages, or Outlook Express pages, coming up, one can see the font outline, before the whole thing solidifies. Many times,the characters do not fully form, and the procedure above has to be activated to be able to read the entire page.

This problem completely rendered Eudora useless. Eudora doesn't seem to have a "select all" function or refresh, and nothing could be read with that application. One could not read or fill in the headers in Eudora. It wasuseless.

An attempt at fully reinstalling Windows,over the existing installation, didn't resolve the situation. The corrupt fonts still remain, (or the utility to manage the fonts) is still broken.

An attempt at re-installing Outlook Express v5.5, didn't cure the problem. An attempt to replace the font directory, didn't help.

The problem first started at the header of the application's title bars. After playing with the display properties, and font sizes, the problem went away, but then instead, started to maifest itself in the fonts of dynamically changing applications, that require text.

Anyone have any fixes for this problem? Also, by the way, the in-house virus checker found no problems. New Virus??

Please be kind to CC: your response to my email address, so I can file your answer.

Thank you

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Corrupted Fonts, without solid colors.

by NVPaladin In reply to Corrupted Fonts, without ...

Sounds like you did the things I would have said to do. One more thing if you havent is to run "System File Checker". Either at SYSTEM TOOLS...SYSTEM INFO......TOOLS or at START..RUN...type in sfc.exe. Hope this helps

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