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Corrupted internet explorer

By chassis1234 ·
I can't get any internet connection. I believe internet explorer is the fault. I can not uninstall IT5.0 because I have windows 98. I have done a manual uninstall but I still cannot connect to the internet through any ISP. Help

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Explorer problems

by espedair In reply to Corrupted internet explor ...

If you think its IE thats the problem why not try using netscape, or reinstal a new version of IE for example IE 5.5. That might narrow the problem down for you.

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IE corruption

by chassis1234 In reply to Explorer problems

I tried installing Netscape and it could not create a connection. Without the ability to connect to the internet and I couldn't upgrade anything. As a last resort I had to reformat my hard drive. Thanks

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ie corruption continued

by variant In reply to IE corruption

i have a similar yet different problem in running the explorer.
i have installed ie5.5 from zdnet india promo installer.but since then it is closing down regularly with various reasons like runddll.32 , page fault in kernel.32, etc etc .when i close down & reload ie it sometimes runs smoothly is is now.
In most of the machines including the compaque1200 laptop i use netsonic for speedier browsing as our linespeed/bandwith peak is 3 to 4 kbps mostly in 56kbps external/internal modems. some opinion says ie5,5 is not compatible with win98.
appreciate some food for thought

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Internet Explorer 5.5 compatibility

by aamolina In reply to ie corruption continued

According to Microsoft and myself the Internet Explorer is compatible with any Windows' version except Windows 95. Be sure that you have installed IE 5.5 compatible with your OS, there are different versions of IE 5.5, the one for Windows 98 for example is different than the one for Windows Me, etc.

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IE55 and Win 95

by Zlatin Zlatev In reply to Internet Explorer 5.5 com ...

Well there is no problem to install IE55 on an Win95 PC, if before this you've installed IE5

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Are you sure that the problem is in IE

by Zlatin Zlatev In reply to Corrupted internet explor ...

Well, first of all I don't know what type your conection is (ISDN/DSL/DUN etc.)
If it's DUN/ISDN first try to conect using Dial-up networking in Win 98

If you're sure that IE causes the problem there're tools e.g. IE-off, SwapShell, Win 98Lite and some other that could help you to remove IE from your Win 98 installation.

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Do you have FrontPage installed?

by RoDeMc In reply to Are you sure that the pro ...

I had a simular problem. DUN would go through it's paces, but no connection. I eventually found out that it was due to a permissions setting for my VPN through FP'98

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Corrupted Internet Explorer can be fixed

by aamolina In reply to Corrupted internet explor ...

To fix corrupt Internet Explorer's files, simple go to Add/Remove, chose Internet Explorer 5.0 and Tools and click remove. That will give you the option to "Repair", click ok or yes. You may need to be online in some cases to download missing files.

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Phone Noise, or settings, not IE

by geo1 In reply to Corrupted Internet Explor ...

I am highly skeptical that it is IE corrupted. Every occasion that I have had problems connecting to an ISP has either been the combination of DUN setup options, or so much phone line noise that it could not negotiate the connection.
In the DUN where you setup your IP addresses,
leave the ISP's Domain Name blank.
Connect a telephone to the line and place a call to anywhere. Listen closely for excessive background noise. Try other jacks to be sure it is local only.
Dell has a document on how to test a line for excessive noise, doc. # TT1012530 dated


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IE corruption

by chassis1234 In reply to Phone Noise, or settings, ...

I tried that and it didn't work. As a last resort I had to reformat the hard drive. Thanks

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