Corrupted Keyboard entry in registry

By Sherre W ·
My older computer running XP SP2 has a corrupted keyboard and PS2 mouse entry in the registry. I was using both PS2 mouse and keyboard. I hooked up a USB mouse and it is working. I tried a USB keyboard but it will not work. How can I get to the configuration file to fix the problem without a working keyboard?

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Try uninstalling the keyboard in Device Manager,

by seanferd In reply to Corrupted Keyboard entry ...

then reboot.

Also, test the USB port the keyboard is plugged into, say, by plugging the mouse in that one. The ports can be weird, and sometimes they die, even on fairly new systems.

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Tried better.

by Sherre W In reply to Try uninstalling the keyb ...

I switched ports...USB mouse still works. I had already tried the uninstall & reinstall on both keyboards. Didn't work. Just tried it again. Still won't work. Thanks.

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Does the keyboard work on a different computer?

by seanferd In reply to Tried better.

May I assume you've checked the keyboard control panel settings and/or the troubleshooter wizard there? (Yeah, I know, Windows built-in troubleshooting is nothing to hold in awe.)

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Troubleshooter says...

by Sherre W In reply to Does the keyboard work on ...

Keyboards PS2 and usb work on my HP. The windows troubleshooter says it has loaded the driver but cannot find the device (code 41). Prior to this, it said I had an incomplete registry entry.

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See steps to resolve code 41 here:

by seanferd In reply to Troubleshooter says...

You may also want to check the Event Logs for any related errors or warnings.

If the steps provided by MS don't work, you might also try uninstalling the USB and the PS2 ports in Device Manager (and reboot).

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Onscreen keyboard

by Sherre W In reply to Corrupted Keyboard entry ...

OK. I've found through accessories I can get to an onscreen keyboard. It works. I need to go into reg. edit to fix my problem. Can you walk me through what I need to put into it so my keyboard will work?

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Possibly check here:

by seanferd In reply to Onscreen keyboard


Make sure the value UpperFilters has value data kbdclass.

Not knowing what is actually wrong, i wouldn't know what to suggest for editing in the registry. But that is one of the places you would look. (Be very careful in there.)

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