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Corrupted MYOB .myo file

By Violatortn ·
We have recently been working on a clients network, and now their MYOB Premiere accounting file(.myo)displays that it is not a MYOB premiere accounting file when it is opened. Is there some sort of program that could perhaps repair this file? I have went to the MYOB website, and if the file is an easy fix(1hr or less) its still $400. And its $200 an hour if it is not. Any help would be GREATLY apprecaited.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Corrupted MYOB .myo file

Have you tried running the Data Verifier part of the program over the current Data File?

If that fails to work in every instance of MYOB they are prompted to create a Backup File when they close the program down so is the most recent Backup available to use?

It would aqlso help to know what exactly was done to this workstation as that could have a bearing on the way that MYOB is working.

Just add a comment in answer to any of the above and I'll get back to you on your answers.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

The MYOB 15 Premier + Accounting has the same file format.

As the file was on the server the most likely thing is that the Header has been corupted and let me guess that the most recent backup that works is about 2 weeks old right?

If you can restore the copy again it might work but the most likely explination is that the lattest Backup and the current Work File have been corrupted and will be useless. The only solution from here is to restore from the latest backup that actually works and reenter all the data that has been entered since this backup was made.

MYOB isn't overly helpful in situations like this and they generally end up charging you an arm and a leg and give you the same advice.

The only other thing that could be happening here is that some GP or AD was applied to this file and has disabled it from opening when the server was rebuilt if that is the case you'll need to restablish the same rights on the server to allow this file to be access by the different workstations that use it. If you can just get one workstation even the one with the most limited rights to MYOB to open the file you'll then be able to save all the data to a new location and open the file from the entire network or at least every Workstation that uses MYOB. IF you can get this to happen I would use the Master workstation with complete rights to open the file and then resave it to where ever they want it placed but try to disade them from putting it on the OS partition of the server a second Partition or different HDD is a better alternative particuarly if it's a RAID 1 or better for redundnacy.

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by Violatortn In reply to Corrupted MYOB .myo file

I believe only the Premiere 2006, and maybe the 2005 version takes the .myo extentions. I tried the optimiser, but it also said that it was not a valid MYOB accounting file. Perhaps something is corrupted in the file header? At any rate, it was stored on the server, but was on an OS partiton. The OS was restored, and the file was wiped clean, and I later restored it from the disk. Every other file out of the folder worked, except for the most recent one.

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error index 39 in Myob

by ariyo1986 In reply to

it is same with me..? my Myob File cannot be opened.. "index 39 serious problem exist in this data file bla bla.."
I have used the myob premier optimisation assistant but it still can't be opened.. the problem is I have no backup data.. could the file repaired,.. I have entered a lot of data...

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Corrupted MYOB .myo file


When you restored the file, did you also restore a file called " business name".BOX. This si a companion file to the latest versions of MYOB, to cater for the M Power services.
Also as Col mentioned, try opening the file with different computers, and try each several times. I did have an occassion once where I got that error message and my heart stopped. After try to access the file a few times I managed to get it to open, and then I promptly saved it elsewhere.

Unfortunately MYOB installs itself on the OS partion, by default, as well as setting up the data file in its own folder. I always create a separate folder, that is backed up, and point MYOB to the file.

An alternative is to create a shortcut to the file and ensure that it is opened by MYOB.

Good luck.

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