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    Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller


    by shanghai sam ·

    We had a power outage last night and during the reboot afterwards, my computer recognized the IDE Primary Slave, the IDE Secondary Slave then reported: Secondary Master Hard Disk Fail. I am running Windows 98SE for my O/S.

    Going to Control Panel, System Properties, Device Manager I find in the GUI under Hard Disk Controllers that the Primary IDE Controllers (Dual FIFO) is fine; there is an error marking along side the Secondary IDE Controllers (Dual FIFO) and the VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller is fine.

    The Resources Tab shows no conflicts and the Driver File Details lists the following: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\OSUBSYS\ESDI_506.pdr

    Under the properties for the secondary IDE there is an error message stating the “device is not present, not working properly or doesn’t have all drivers (code 10)” and says I should try upgrading the drivers. When I run that process it checks my A drive, D drive, Microsoft Windows Update and “Specify location” lists F:\DSI\Win95.

    The net result is the windows update ends up being the course taken and it reports that the most current driver is already loaded: C:\WINDOWS\INF\MSHDC.INF

    Prior to this event I had a 6gig Hard drive as my C drive, a secondhard drive with virtual drives D and E, my CD-ROM was the F drive and a CD Burner was the G drive. Now the system only sees the 6gig C drive and the CD Burner as the D drive.

    Any suggestions?

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      Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      The primary and secondary controllers use the same drivers.

      First, are the drives on the secondary controller propperly detected by the BIOS durring the post process?
      You may need to enter setup, and correct the drive settings for the secondary drives.

      Next, shut the power off, and disconnect the secondary IDE cable from the motherboard.

      Does the error for the secondary controller go away?
      If so, one of the drives may have a damaged controller on the drive itself.
      Try the drives oneat a time.There is no easy fix or recovery if the electronics on the drive has gone bad.

      If the error doesn’t go away when you disconnect the cable, it is possible that the secondary IDE controller is damaged.

      If you aren’t ready, or willing to replace the motherboard at this time, you can pick up a PCI ATA100 or 133 IDE controller for under $30.
      I would place the 2 hard drives on the primary, and your burner on the secondary.
      Place your CD-ROM drive as slave on the primary IDE on the MB.


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      Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      by jingernut ·

      In reply to Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller


      You could try to install the latest INF update available for your Motherboard. I had a similar issue when my IDE secondary controller was acting in the same way. Once I installed the latest INF update it got them both back.

      Defintely worth a try

      Good Luck!!!!


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      Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      by sfc_gijoe ·

      In reply to Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      Boot in to safe mode by hitting F8 or CTRL.
      If your system will not do this go into BIOS and disable quiet boot. Start the computer normally and edit msdos.sys. You might need to change it from read only

      1. Start -> Run -> type in “command” and hit enter. (no quotes)

      2. Type “cd\” and hit enter. You should be at the root now (C:\). Type “edit msdos.sys” and hit enter.

      3. Change the option “BootMulti=0” to “BootMulti=1”

      4. Change the option “BootKeys=0” to “BootKeys=1”

      Restart computer and go into safe mode.
      When it comes up go to device manager and delete all references under the CD, & Hard Disk


      Choose Start -> Run -> Regedit


      Delete both CHILD0000 and CHILD0001. Those are the Primary and Secondary

      000x (where x is a ascending numeral)

      Remove all the numeric keys under the hdc key.

      reboot and let windows detect all the hardware.

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      Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      by netuser ·

      In reply to Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      From the device manager, remove the controllers from the list then restart your pc. Your system should detects and add the controllers automatically. Then just follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall the drivers from your installation CD.

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      Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      by beentheredonethat ·

      In reply to Corrupted Secondary IDE Controller

      Ever think the drive might be bad?

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