Corrupted Text (.txt) File recovered from a deleted partitioned Hard drive.

By I_Pee_Daily ·
I recently had to re install windows on my pc. I had 3 partitions on my 120GB hard drive and in one I had my windows installed and the other two partitions were EMPTY except they had two text files (.txt) which were very important to me. and when I tried to re install windows in the same (Windows) partition there was some problem so i had to delete all the partitions and re create them.
After installing windows. I used EaseUS data recovery software to recover those files both of them were recovered. but when I tried to open them what I found was some non readable text (messed up character encoding, I guess).
This is some part of the file 1:
®¨C¯êdÐBÚ¦ l˜•ûÍŸ±†Ó“ÿÄ ÿÚ
This is some part of the file 2:
FILE0 @¨yÙ * 8 X   `

What can I do now. They are extremely important for me.
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