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Corrupted XBIOS.EXE File

By headceo ·
I tried using the MaxBlast3 disk on my pc when I restarted it, but when I did so, I got this message on my screen: "Self-Checking C:\XBIOS.EXE
C:\XBIOS.EXE has been corrupted! It is recommended that you reinstall this file from its original program diskette before using it again. Please re-start your system". The question is on what original diskette would I find this file on to begin with? I have no clue as to where this file actually came from.

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by retstg In reply to Corrupted XBIOS.EXE File

Did a search of my hard drives and it's not there in the Maxblast installed software. However, it is on the MaxBlast 3 CD, about a 22KB file. I've had similar problems when using Maxtor UDMA 133 drives on the same IDE with other brands older/slower drives. Usually placing the Maxtor drive on the primary IDE as the master drive and the slower drive on the secondary as master or slave drive takes care of it. MaxBlast can also be run from DOS booting from the CD if the Maxtor drive is the Primary Master drive, couldn't get it to work as a Slave drive or on the Secondary IDE as either a Master or Slave.

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