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Could any one help on below pbm?

By mounirmeza ·
I have a new Compaq PC with 10GO of HD, and configuring with one partition C:.
After installing win95 and Norton utilities, I check my PC and found 2 drive C: and with same size 10GO each ans same content.
Why I have two drives and how can I restore my orinal config with one drive C: and delete

Thanks for your help.

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Drive compression?

by Steven Chiu In reply to Could any one help on bel ...

Are you able to read write data on the disk the same way you did before? If you can, this might be just a normal situation.

Check both your Windows drive property and in Norton configuration to see whether any sort of drive compression is turnedon.
I suspect this comes from Norton. Windows drive compression will create a host drive and it only hold a big file which is presented as your compressed drives. As you say both drives (appears to) have same contents, it could be just a pretty presentation of Norton.

To the last resort, I guess you would have a Compaq Quick restore CD. Make sure you backup all you need before even putting that in your CD drive.

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by mounirmeza In reply to Drive compression?

Thanks for your reply.
Exacly, I can read/write data as before.
But, can compression be activated automaticly without any intervention as never request any compression.

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Maximum disk address

by DC Guy In reply to

Didn't Windows 95 have a maximum addressible drive size? I seem to recall that all hard drives of any size were partitioned back then. I didn't reformat my hard drive when I upgraded from 95 to 98 and it still has two partitions.

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Most versions 2GB

by TheChas In reply to Maximum disk address

Windows 95 was built on the FAT16 file system.

Therefore, it is limited to 2GB per drive / partition.

Except, for version 2.5 / C:
The final OEM version of W95 had both FAT32 and USB support.

If you are using any version except 2.5, you need to start over, and re-partition the hard drive.

Primary DOS partition 2GB
Extended DOS partition, the remainder of the drive.

Then, create 4 2GB logical drives in the extended partition.

Further, if this is an older PC, it may not have native recognition of large hard drives.

If the drive was setup using a drive / BIOS overlay program, you need to follow a special procedure to boot from a floppy. Otherwise, the BIOS can recognize the drive in strange ways.


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