could I be having a bios problem?

A friend needed me to fix his computer that would'nt load windows, it perform's post as required and gives options for booting windows XP but after trying to select all options it still wont boot, so I opted to format but could'nt format, I replaced the hard disk but still would'nt accept,any one with a solution will be highly appreciated (both hard disk functions properly in another system)

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Did you try different Hard drive cables or

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to could I be having a bios ...

did you use the existing cables?

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by TIMWIRELESS In reply to Did you try different Har ...

I changed every thing from hard disk to cables

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Are you using a laptop or Tower computer?....NT

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to could I be having a bios ...
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IBM desktop NETVISTA P4 2.4GHz

by TIMWIRELESS In reply to Are you using a laptop or ...

it is an IBM netvista 2.4GHz desktop pc

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Check these items

by markp24 In reply to could I be having a bios ...

You may want to check the jumpers on the hard drive (cable select, master vs slave)
If your using a SATA hard drive, the Bios may have an option for ACPI mode vs compatibility mode.
Check the default boot device in the bios.
I would say fix the MBR , but since you state it works fine in another computer, im not so sure that would be an issue.

please post more information aboutwhat the hardware is.

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Does the term Field Replacable Unit mean anything to you?

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to could I be having a bios ...

How about the term, "known working field replacable unit"? Asking only because of the hard lessons I had to learn on more than one occasion of the critical importance of the 2 terms in what is PC Troubleshooting 101.

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what do you mean?

by TIMWIRELESS In reply to Does the term Field Repla ...

I can't quite get you

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Check the RAM

by TheChas In reply to could I be having a bios ...

Windows can be very picky about installed RAM.

Even RAM that passes POST can cause errors where Windows will not load or install.

Reseat all the RAM, and while your at it, make sure that at least pairs of RAM modules match. If in doubt, replace some or all RAM.

You did not state the system or version of XP. There is a known issue with some Intel CPUs and Windows XP service Pack 2. Check out this link for more details.

The last time I ran into this, I ended up installing XP Gold, then SP1 and went straight to SP3.

Please post specific details of the won't install and the system if you need further assistance.


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the system is xp service pack 2 version 2002

by TIMWIRELESS In reply to Check the RAM

but tried XP version 2006 and it didn,t install instead brought up a blue screen which I didn,t quite understand

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the system is xp service pack 2 version 2002

by balge In reply to the system is xp service ...

you will need an install disk at the same sp as your install, if you don't have one you can slipstream one using NLite. Do you have original disks?
Can you actually get into BIOS?
you might like to check here -


oh look it wont wrap - when did that start...

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