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Could I become a Web Developer if I get a Computer Networking degree?

By eman08 ·
Hi I like both networking and programming what is the best route to go for if I do a two year Associates Applied Science degree? I don't plan on going straight into a Computer Science 4 year program right now as I want to start working after two years right a way. My plan is to get a job after I get my two year degree and purse my bachelor's later while i'm working full time either taking night classes or transfer my credits to an online school to get my bachelor's.

What I mean about Web Development is Developing Web applications, mobile Web applications and doing front end development, back end development of websites , and Programming in java, ccs3, javascript, html5, mysql, PHP, ajax, json, dom, .net, c# ActionScript etc.

While on the other hand Web Design is totally different from web development as web designers don't do the programming/development, as designers focuses more on the look and appearance of webpages, gui design, Page layout and styling, graphics, text, colors, texture, some html and css, flash, illustrator etc while Web Design is NOT my type of thing and plus web designers not make as much as web developers also known as Web Programmers.

So if I do a two year degree in Computer Networking and take or teach myself a few mark up and programming languages like, html5, ccs3, javascript, java, mysql, PHP, ActionScript, C#, .net, ruby, json, ajax etc, could get a job as a Web developer too and does employers care what your degree is even if was something different? I want to get in to networking but also move in to web development.

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