Could I have some in-depth help to get my tablet to work good all the time?

By JADavis9 ·
I think that I've asked this one this site before but I'm really feeling kinda desperate about getting my tablet PC on Win XP to run to its best performance consistently and not just some of the time. Occassionally, it seems to bind up or stall out. It was Clean Installed several months ago and then all drivers were updates and software reinstalled and My Docs restored from a MAXTOR One Touch USB drive. I think that I've got most of the software listed in my profile on this site. But sometimes, I might be on Facebook or some other site and suddenly the mouse won't display or moves horribly slow or long after I actually move it. Or sometimes, it just seems to have locked up and nothing will do anything and I finally need to give up and hold the power switch down to force a shut down. It even has been ignoring Crtl-Alt-Del at that point.
I put max ram in this thing a couple of months ago and learned how to make the system recognize this additional RAM. I really hoped that would fix it completely. It did make it much better that I can remember it ever running, but it still has this intermittent issue. And I really don't want to send it to the tablet's manufacturer unless that is my last resort. I just know they will replace something and I'll be forced to start fresh again. GRRR
I am begging here on this site for a little empathy and perhaps for a bunch of help from someone who knows a lot more than I know about hardware and software. I'm not even totally convinced that I belong on this site. And Santee is probably more than willing to tell any of you that I don't belong here after he bashes me around for a while to have some fun beating up on me. GRRR!

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Tablet problems

by randommiscellania In reply to Could I have some in-dept ...

I went through much of the same with my tablet, to the point of finally ending it back to the manufacturer who informed me that there wasn't any 'real' problem other than that the OS was a bit quirky. After 20+ years of being a PC person, I donated my tablet for e-waste recyle and bought a Mac. Wish I'd made that decision sooner!

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I've never had or messed with a MAC. Should I switch?

by JADavis9 In reply to Could I have some in-dept ...

I've always used Microsoft stuff. I don't think that I've ever even sat down at a MAC and I've always had a lot of interest in computing. The first PC that I owned was way back in the day and it was a 64k Zenith which was a pre-made Heath Kit computer that I could buy and just use without needing to learn how to solder junk or learn what a capacitor or a resistor was. I even added a $2,000 combo tractor feed/friction feed to it way back when and I even wrote my own database program after contacting the database's originator for some help, so that I could handle the accounting and billing for my 400 customers on my morning motor-route paper route for the Indianapolis Star. That was WAY back in the day!
So, do you really think that I should consider switching to Apple/Mac this late in the game? I'm 51 years old now and I was introduced to computers in some new lab in my elementary school in about 3rd grade. I know Apple/Mac is sure gaining lots of prestige lately. I follow that a bit. But HMMMM?

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Reponse To Answer

by Standard_Person In reply to I've never had or messed ...

I don't understand your comment. The fact that you've used many different systems over the last forty years surely should make your transition to an Apple tablet easier!

Furthermore, if you've been using Windows since Windows 95, then you've been using Microsoft's copy of the Mac OS for at least fifteen years, so changing to Mac OS X (on the desktop) or iOS (on tablets) should be trivial.

By the way, I'm about the same age and I started coding when I was eleven. I have no trouble switching between between OS X on my Mac (whether in GUI mode or using its UNIX core), iOS on my Apple iPad and Windows (XP to version 7) when a client asks for it; they're all just computers.

Finally, I must say that the iPad2 is smooth, fast, rock-solid and beautifully built. I'm not sure why Apple are bothering with law suits against iPad knock-offs, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as most industry sources say that Apple can make and sell their superior iPad more cheaply than the competition.

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What make is your tablet?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Could I have some in-dept ...

Need more info about your tablet.
Make and model.
Ram (ddr (1)) 2, 3 etc.
How old is it.
With out this info i can not help you.

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