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Could I please have a little help on some Windows XP / IE8 issue?

By JADavis9 ·
I have 2 Windows XP computers. For a long time both have been working fine. Suddenly my tablet PC is acting weird on Facebook and a few other sites like MS Answers and this must all be related to some setting that I changed. It's probably not malware so lets please not go there for now. OK?
For instance, I log in to my Facebook News Feed page on my DELL pc and it works fine. But on my tablet, it just loads the blue line at the top with the logo with icons, Search box, my name, Find Friends & Home v.
But the whole page is just BLANK white except for 2 vertical scribe lines! It does nothing when I click on any of those 3 icons such as Messages or Notifications. And I mean it does NOTHING at all.
If I click on my name, it now displays a horizontal line near the top of the screen with text under it saying "Facebook ?? 2012 ?? English (US)About ?? Advertising ?? Create a Page ?? Developers ?? Careers ?? Privacy ?? Terms ?? Help."
Still the display below is blank and it doesn't say Done or anything anywhere.
If I click Home, it displays a plain white screen with 2 vertical lines on it.
What the heck have I done? I've even tried just leaving my PC sitting with this going on and I had hoped that it was just some insufficient RAM thing or Virtual Memory issue. But .... no luck. Still nothing hours later.
Nothing is wrong with my Facebook since it works fine on my other Win XP machine luckily!
So could someone please jump in and try to help me make this tablet happy?

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Have you tried resetting the tablet back to factory defaults?

by Slayer_ In reply to Could I please have a lit ...

And reset the Tablets OS?

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Reponse To Answer

by JADavis9 In reply to Have you tried resetting ...

Now the Reply thing works? Is this also some mess going on at this site's server or maybe it was just in some weird Status deal earlier when this Reply thing wouldn't work and I had so enter my Reply as an Answer which it displayed below where I am Right now?

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Can I please have some help on this? Slayer's "Reply" can't be Replied to!

by JADavis9 In reply to Could I please have a lit ...

Slayer's "Reply" can't be Replied to and I've been treated this way before for some reason by some folks on this site. But I really do need a bit of help. My PC won't work on Facebook or on Microsoft Answers so I'm stuck in a ditch.
You probably know the gig that's being done here and I've learned it the hard way thru trial & error. Slayer Replies to my question saying "Have you tried resetting the tablet back to factory defaults?
And reset the Tablets OS?"
And then when I try to Reply to Slayer, and I'm already logged in, he has probably removed his Reply after someone probably told him to and so since it is gone I'm sent to a page saying "We???re sorry, but the page you requested could not be found.
Try searching for the page you???re looking for:" that is at http://www.techrepublic.com/forum/questions/101-392104-3672056/reply?messageView=basic
with me now logged out!
My Reply to him would have been to say that I've tried lots of stuff and even did a clean install / start over a few months ago and I've just been swamped since then trying to get all of my programs reinstalled, a new max RAM installed and operating and my Docs with all of my Pics Restored plus my remote USB backup drive working. Oh, and then reinstalling my big Outlook PST file with its Notes, Tasks, Contacts and all of its saved Email folders viewable and organized!
I'm sure no IT pro or even an amateur wanna-be. I'm just a person who has always had a strong interest in computer since being introduced to them in grade school in the 1960's. I've even taken programming in college at IUPUI for fortran and cobol back when we were still just using punch cards and waiting overnight for them to "run" our program after we went home!
So I really just want to get this thing working and I'd prefer not to to start over on any or all of it by doing any "resets to factory defaults" stuff if I can avoid it.
I'd really prefer to have someone help me who is very well qualified and is also reasonable and kind and has enough patience to help someone. And I'll even throw in some saddness. I was disabled a few years ago while jumping a Friend's motocross motorcycle on a practice day. I lost my own real estate business at a huge financial loss which we're still hoping to recover from. AND my wife was layed off from a 22+ year job with a property/casualty insurance headquarter's career last year a few years after Bank Of America bought out her company and then decided that they shouldn't be in the insurance industry since it was apparently a "conflict of interest" for them to be doing that for some unknown reason.
So anyway, can I please ask for some personal help on this computer mess that I've found myself in? I really just want to get my Facebook working and my computer happy with its life and then I PROMISE that I'll move on and let this IT group do its thing. Honest .... I WILL go away!

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Reponse To Answer

by jjtoday In reply to Can I please have some he ...

On my system I have IE8, Foxfire, Chrome and Opera. This allows me to make sure IE8 is the real problem or just malware. Once you find the problem, just uninstall them

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Reponse To Answer

by GSG In reply to Can I please have some he ...

No one is picking on you, or trying to prevent you from replying. The site has been having some issues that has prevented access to some of the functionality. I've had issues across different machines with not having access to Reply, Flag, and some other moderator functions, and also have been getting quite a bit of the page not found messages. So you're not alone!

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Alternative Browser

by john.malaney In reply to Could I please have a lit ...

Have you tried using an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox?
I also would not completely discount malware especially if these don't function correctly.
If you have not changed any settings but behaviour of the browsers has changed then something has caused it. I would reccomend downloading spybot search and destroy to scan your system. If there is malware there it removes most infections and at least lets you identify the infection if it cannot remove it completely. I would also recommend running a scan on a regular basis going forwards and to make it an initial diagnostic step in looking at future problems.

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Try alternative one

by Gennadij In reply to Could I please have a lit ...

Opera browser is good as well.

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Reset Internet Explorer

by smerrill In reply to Could I please have a lit ...

I agree with John, don't discount malware as the problem. If you're having trouble with IE you could try restoring it to it's default condition. Assuming you have IE 8 or 9 click on tools, Internet Options. On the Advanced tab under Reset Internet Explorer settings click the Reset... button. This should restore factory default settings.

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Reponse To Answer

by JADavis9 In reply to Reset Internet Explorer

Thanks to all of you, John, Gennadij and SMerrill! I'd really prefer to stick with IE. I've tried Chrome and Firefox before and I had decided that it was too complicated for me to have choices and remember where I did what. So I did uninstall them.
I'll work on this later in my IE but I do think that just yesterday I was trying to figure out what to do and I did click that Reset button and it still has this issue. But right now my tablet is 2/3 done with some Syncback SE sync of My Docs to my Dell **50 and it is taking FOREVER. It's now been 25 hours and it will probably take 12 more since it did the last time I ran it.
Something is obviously WRONG with my tablet and maybe it is a hardware issue. It can take FOREVER sometimes to start PaintShop Pro 6 when I click on a JPG in My Pictures. GRRRRR

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Reset Internet Explorer

I would consider a new tablet or netbook...something newer with a little more power.

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