could it be the virus?

By lsusanto2789 ·
Dear people,

Couple of days ago, there was a warning sign about a virus in my friends' computer. She didn't pay attention what the warning sign said, and closed it. However, today, as she started to power her notebook, it booted but froze on the screen that has WinXP logo with black background (is that called Splashing screen?).
My questions are, could the virus affected her notebook? And what should be done to fix the problem?
She said it's not the battery, because she charged it fully. Please HELP!!

Thank you,

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by the.liquidated.prophecy In reply to could it be the virus?

Okay, you should do these following steps:

1) When booting the laptop, before it reaches the Splash Screen (the Windows XP Loading Screen) Press F8 so that another menu loads up.

2) Use the cursor keys and scroll to 'Safe Mode'.

3) When Windows has booted up, run a virus scanner. If nothing pops up, continue the steps. If something does show, clean it.

4) Click Start > Run and type "msconfig".

5) Locate the tab called 'Services' and tick the 'Hide All Microsoft Services' tick box. Click the 'Disable All' button

6) Click the next tab along, 'Startup' and click the 'Disable All' button.

7) Restart the laptop and it should power up fine (and much faster now that you've removed the services.

That should do the trick. Also, if that does work, take a screen shot of the items in the 'Startup' tab and upload it somewhere, or write a list of ALL the things listed in there and if there is something there, I can locate it and tell you a suitable method of removing it.

I hope this helps you.


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