Could Norton Internet Security be responsible for...

By sjcapista ·
My 2-month old HP Slimline w/pre-installed Win7 suddenly said that "Window is not genuine" 2 days ago. I find it interesting that this notice coincided with my trial Norton Internet Security 11 expiration date. The site MS takes me to to determine if the OP is "genuine" or not cranks away for hours, while saying "Please wait. This might take a few moments." I may not live long enough to see its determination.
I suspect this would not have happened had I handed over my credit card # to Norton. I suspect also that it corrupted a critical file as it died.
It may be flash-bang fast, but I have better use for my money than pay for software that has caused me so much grief.
Any suggestions would be welcome.

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If you bought this

by santeewelding In reply to Could Norton Internet Sec ...

From a brick-and-mortar up or down the road from you, the answer is obvious.

If you bought online through our modern internet marvel, and it came by way of Dubai, good luck.

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Contact HP

by seanferd In reply to Could Norton Internet Sec ...

Simple enough, obvious as noted by santee, and probably the only way to get a definitive answer and a fix.

You have warranty and support, why not get your money's worth before it runs out?

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Well as others have already said

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Could Norton Internet Sec ...

You really need to contact HP here.

As this was I'm assuming supplied by HP it's not a Pirate Version of Windows but Windows does have Windows Genuine Advantage which has been catching many people out claiming that you are running Pirate Software since it's introduction. Seems that M$ believes it better to stop 2,000,00 Genuine Users than allow one Pirate to work.

As to your Question could Norton's have caused this unlikely but it is terrible crap so anything is possible. However as I would say that Patch Tuesday was just recently I would be looking at a Newly Delivered M$ Patch being the real culprit here or an Infection that occurred after Norton's expired.

But with any Time Limited Software it's always better to remove it before it expires and replace it with something else. That will save you heaps of problems. However as you are now being reported as Fake Software you have to deal with HP to resolve that before proceeding any further.


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Thanks all for you responses. Crisis resolved.

by sjcapista In reply to Well as others have alrea ...

Luckily, I resolved the issue this a.m.
A local tech service guy I know suggested it might be a file corrupted when Norton expired. It was a trial version, also pre-installed.
I ran an MS restore from a point before Norton expired and it actually worked! ( I am also astonished when anything MS "fixes" works.)
And I will remember OH Smeg 's advice & uninstall Time Limited Software before it expires!
By the way, I installed AVG immediately after Norton expired. It had no untoward effects.
Thanks, again.

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Your Welcome NT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks all for you respon ...

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