Could pinging bring down an entire server, 6-7 days after the ping was ran

By cschaef13 ·
The ping was ran on thursday it sent 10000b of information at a time and overflowed the server slowing it down signifigantly. It was done at a school, and it did slow it down signifigantly. Then on next wednesday or thursday afternoon the internet began acting funny. The teacher and student accounts could not access the internet but admins could. Could a ping attack cause this. By the end of today it was complete server down, is it at all possible the ping attack from the week before was what caused it?

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NO...well everything is possible but No anyway

by operator1 In reply to Could pinging bring down ...

I'm not an expert but by the sound of your question i guess you/they didnt "produce" that packet your/them by some means but it was instead original ping i guess if server lived through your/their pinging there should be no problems after.
In the other scenario(its just my thought)
if you/they've discoverd or used some overflow to
copy some bad code to some proccess that started today or scheduled it to run today and in turn it crashed the server then its possible.And regarding the accounts, did you/they "ping" them also.accounts can be set up to be locked out after configured number of failed logons.
so if you/they used some bf tool to crack accounts they could be locked out.
But it can be also attack from outside or
error in windows,so dont worry.after 7 days logs could be overwritten and anyway if you/they didnt use your own accounts you could be fine.
What i suggest you/they do is get yourself 2 machines connect it with the crossover cable and ping and explore until you sleep on the keyboard.If you had A from math would you like it to be erased?

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