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    Could this be a potential whole in Windows XP


    by mamies ·

    In windows as we all know their are ways to share folders on a network. These folders are called shares. These shares can also be hidden from other users to see them. If a dollar sign ($) is used then the share can not be seen.

    With windows upon its install it automatically creates one of these shares that cannot be seen. The only problem with this is that it is always called C$. If someone was to browse out to your computer from the workgroup in a small organisation. Are they able to browse through that share seeing as they know the address, to the share.

    So if confidential information that the boss can only see is stored on his machine, who can read it? What could this do to the organisation?

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      This has been known about for years

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to Could this be a potential whole in Windows XP

      and not everyone has access to see it anyway.

      Besides, didnt SP2 make it default not to make tha administrative share? I am unsure about this.
      the images at the place I work have plugged the hole (not whole btw) for many a year now.

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        True, Although

        by mamies ·

        In reply to This has been known about for years

        This organisation has to now plugged that hole, only because i had discovered it. Before this it was free to access which i accidently found out while creating shares

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