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    couldn’t get emails from out side of my network.


    by awube ·

    I wanted to host a website and email in my own server. I have installed Microsoft Windows Small business server 2003 with SP1 in my server. After I completed the installation successfully, I completed the to do list. everything works except receiving emails from outside of my network and domain. I can send emails to anyone. It is just receiving or getting from my clients. When my clients send me email, they receive a failur notice ” Sorry, I wasn’t able to establish an SMPT connection. (#4.4.1)”.

    I have my ISP given me static IP. My ISP also created MX record to forward the emails directly to my server. Is there anything I have to do in the DNS server set up and Exchnage manager on my server? How do I resolve this problem? Here is my information at my ISP:

    My static IP :
    My domain name is:
    my Mx record : 10
    my A record is :

    Here is my information on my server
    My exchange server P:

    Here is my connection to the internet.

    1. I have a router connected directly to the internet.

    2. my server connected to the router

    3. a switch connected to my server.

    I am very confused by DNS and MX set up.

    Please I need help setting this up and running it soon. Is there any one showing me step by step?

    Please help.

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      by awube ·

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      You need a firewall rule to allow your ISPs email server to hit your server

      by robo_dev ·

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      Some routers call this a NAT pinhole.

      You need to allow port 25 traffic, and map the internal address of your mail server to the external static address of your router. (NAT rule). The specfics all depend on what router/firewall you’re using.

      Make sure you have mail relaying disabled to prevent spam forwarding from your box.

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      You will need to look into your ..

      by Anonymous ·

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      E-mail program and make sure the address is correct for external and internal. You will have to have another look at the form that your isp sent you about your e-mail account, what to put in etc. You are missing something out so very carefully look at the your e-mail account form. Also on your incoming e-mail it should be the 110 port not port 25. Port 25 is for out going. Or you might have something different, but the basic setup is port OUT going is 25 and port IN-coming is 110.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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