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Counseling for undergraduate student for how to take a right step

By taher999- ·
I am still under-graduated student and soon I will be fresh employee in IT field , so in this discussion I would like to direct some questions to the experienced gentlemen over here .
First of all let me tell you that I have Bachelor course in Computer Applications ...
and I have done some courses outside of my college which is not completely related to developing apps such as : CCNA , MCITP Enterprise Admin , ORACLE SQL/PLSQL,
and actually all of a sudden stoped doing courses and asked my self :
Do I have to be specialized in one field either developing or IT administration like DBA or System Admins .
so I have got those bellow some question and I need this counseling :
1- Do I have to keep focusing only in my Computer Application Bachelor as a degree course and just take only developing courses like .NET , Java , PHP ... .
2- Or do I have to take advantage of all of the mentioned courses and go a head and doing as much as I can such: OCA "oracle certified associate " , OCP , Linux Redhat , CISSP , JSCP .....
and for sure with taking the international certification through online exams
that just in order to empower my knowledge as well my Resume .
3- I really got confused whether to go further and just only one track say developing "Java , .NET" or that another one which is be multi-skilled student and with more confidence without worry about understanding the concepts and actually my aim to do this is : in my opinion I say that to be multi skills because whenever you go to work you would find the opportunities are available and it's actually safe so you will be ready and certified ,,,,, this is actually the way that I think
So please guide me and advice me as possible as you can I am really much eager to hear from you perspective as consultant ...
thank you dears and thanks so much

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Counseling for undergradu ...

No degree for someone with little to no experience = no chance at all. Intern, open source, freelancing, voluntary will all help, but the recruiter will want the picture of you in the flat hat.
Short of setting yourself up your on business now, which Idonlt recomend without getting some work in, the more arrows in your quiver the better, people employ experienced specialists, not newly minted ones.

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thanks sir .... but .....

by taher999- In reply to Nowadays

I understand that you mean no need of doing a lot of courses and the most important that want me search for a job that will let me better qualified than courses .....
Oh it's exhausted me ....
I need more suggestions

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to thanks sir .... but .....

I'm saying look for some 'work' to do while you are doing your degree. Preferably IT, but domain experience, retail, manufacturing etc is not to be sniffed at. What you are basically trying to do is look employable, if you've been employed, you do...
If I could tell you what to do to get a job, I'd pick some lottery numbers, win, retire, and tell my current employer you were a good 'guy'.

I got one IT job, simply because I used to work there as a clerk. I knew them, they knew me.

If you want to become an Oracle DBA, the certs are a must, getting a start as a junior DBA without anything else will be 'erm hard though. If you can program, if you had an internship where they used it, even if you were familiar with the sort of things they put in the database....

The one thing near all of us recommend to people in your position, is to get some work type stuff on their resume / cv.

The only person, who could tell you which degree, or which cert to get, to get a job, would be the guy who said if you get these I'll give you one. After that it's all guessing. TR will give you slightly better advice than the old lady at the fair who reads palms, but we can only manage slightly...

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nice solution ,,,,,

by taher999- In reply to Counseling for undergradu ...

Oh man you just fulfilled my mind it's really nice idea and I will start to implement it as soon as possible .... and as you said it's 100% guarantee to secure a job .....
thanks sir

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A 100% guarantee?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to nice solution ,,,,,

Note to self, buy lottery ticket.
All I can say, is the choice between someone with a lot of qualifications and no experience and someone with the one(s) I needed and some experience, even if it's only realising people don't employ us for a laugh, is a no brainer.

Have a go anyway, you are well ahead of the B team, they usually ask this question after they've got the paper. Quite often after failing to get even a sniff at an interview for months.

Best of luck.

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