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    Counter Offer


    by walavi ·

    I am in a situation, where I am expecting a counter offer for my Job.
    Is it good idea to accept a counter offer?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages? Any feedback will help me a lot to make a decision on this offer. Thanks in advance

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      I am assuming

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Counter Offer

      that the counter offer is for your existing job.

      If thats the case, you have to think about why you wanted to leave in the first place. Its rarely only about money. Your counter offer can have other things included, like specific training etc.

      The disadvantage is that counter offers make you look like a mercenary. If you leave a job for a great growth opportunity somewhere else, as I have done, people understand and wish you well. If you were shopping just for more money, it tells people what your priorities are.

      The advantage is that you don’t have that new employee learning curve to go through if you stay.


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        2. Did you accept the other position?

        by mlandis ·

        In reply to I am assuming

        If you had already told the other company you would be joining them after your notice was given, the situation becomes even more sticky.

        I never counter-offered an employee who tendered notice. As a manager, I could not give in to that kind of pressure – it would send the wrong message to the remaining employees. Being considered an egotistical mercenary is bad enough. If I were to make a counter, the person would have to be worth my reputation as well as his.

        My mind would be spinning with thoughts like: How long before I could have someone trained to replace all he does, was he recently sent out for training, would it mean promotions for others if he were to leave etc. If anyone else were to give notice would a counter then be expected. There are so many other things to consider.

        As a person – if you already gave your word to the other company you would be risking damaging your reputation with your current and proposed employer if you considered the counter.


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          Thank You,

          by walavi ·

          In reply to 2. Did you accept the other position?

          Hi Maureen,
          I will do as advised, since i already told the new employeer i will Join them. your support make me feel better 🙂


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        by walavi ·

        In reply to I am assuming

        yes, James it was for existing job, Also i am leaving for growth reason, not just the money.
        Thanks for your explanation.

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          Best of Luck to You!

          by mlandis ·

          In reply to Thanks

          I know someone who was in the position you find yourself in now. He went to the new company, and a few years later went back to his old company in a different and higher paid position.

          Sometimes goodbyes aren’t permanent.

          I’m glad I could help you look at it differently.


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          They are called boomerangs

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Best of Luck to You!

          I have seen boomerangs work out, and some not.

          Depends on the industry. Some competitive industries dont look kindly on it. I have seen it work in the software field.

          And I have been hired by an ex boss – I left, then he left, and he hired me at his new company.


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      Keep this in mind…

      by pr0x1 ·

      In reply to Counter Offer

      Usually, you don’t use a job offer at another company as leverage to get a counter and a raise at your current employer.

      If you accept a counter, they think you are all about money, and I can guarantee you they will be looking for a replacement (a cheaper one) and/or transfering your duties. Consider this a management rule.

      You are only as good as your word, if you already took action to get a raise and compensated in oter ways at your current employer yet still found an outside offer more intriguing, then there shouldn’t be anything that changes your mind. You never want to threaten anyone, and idle threats are 10X worse. So go with your word, nothing should disuade you right?

      UNLESS – I’d say of the counter in querstion is 25% higher, its considerable, BUT, you will lose respect from some of your peers as you would then be in it just for the money, AND you would burn a bridge with your other prospect.

      I’d stick with your word. If you made a decision to switch after weighing options and going through all the hassles, I think your mind is made up.

      Ironically enough, next week is my last week at my current employer, and I’ll be moving on as well. They did counter offer, and I said to them,

      “I tried telling you about the situation, gave you subtle and direct hints, even directly asked for some other forms of compensation. Now, when another company recognizes what I have to offer, and says they will provide what you said you cannot, you want me to remain loyal? If I tender my resignation, consider it too late, I’m sorry. But please use this as a lesson learned for others who are still here.”

      Good luck.

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        Thank to you.

        by walavi ·

        In reply to Keep this in mind…

        Thanks for an excellent advice,,, it happen to me early also, in my previous employer. When I was leaving they counter offer me, but I said No, it is too late now.

        I want to move on because of my own growth and development, and money is a reason also but not the priority to leave.

        I will do as you advised and move on 🙂

        Thanks again for everyone posted in this discussion. J

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