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    Counter Refresh using Frontpage and IIS


    by borginva ·

    I got my site working on IIS in XP SP2. I got the counter working. I got a problem. I got some kid I know, and I seen him to it at work, hit the refresh button to make my counter go to 900 and 4000. I have to keep resetting this.

    Is there a way to prevent this constant counter refresh? A friend has this prevention using his Apache web server and PHP, but he says it is too complicated and does not even know how to try getting it to work on IIS.

    Is there some code I can add into FrontPage to make the counter ignore any access to a page from the same IP address within a short amount of time?

    Is it something IIS can do?

    If you prefer to give me a downloadable counter program that does this WITHOUT having to register it from the source site (meaning having the owners host it and accessing my site), then feel free to give that for me to try.

    Thank you and God bless.

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