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Couple basic questions....

By supernova ·
I am working with a Game Hosting company and we are just starting to do some testing of Unreal Tournament on the Linux platform. I have everything working but am looking at a couple of small snafu's that I need some help with.

1. Linux does not display ascii characters in game(ie: ?, ...) is there anything that can be done to linux so that it will like the characters?

2. I run the servers with the nohup command. Is there a gently way to bring the nohup'd process down?

3. I want to clear the nohup.out file every 12 hours. I can schedule via cron, but was wondering what the best way to empty the file out was, without deleting it.

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Couple basic questions....

by #aix! In reply to Couple basic questions... ...

I run AIX Unix, but it should be very similar on most of you problems. I do not know how familiar you are with linux syntax so if I over/under simplify anything please forgive me.

1.I am not sure about the first question, but I think that there will have to be a \ before the character to tell the OS to ignore that character's special meaning.

2. jobs ..... will list the jobs currently running in the foreground and background. Get the job number of the job you want to stop.
fg JOBNUMBER will bring that job to the foreground. Then you can terminate the job as you would had it never been in the background.

3. in the crontab, type "> /pathname/nohup.out"
Translation NOTHING ">" (redirected into) "/pathname/nohup.out" which replaces the contents of /pathname/nohup.out with NOTHING.

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by richard.lindgren In reply to Couple basic questions... ...

2. The nohup command only makes the process immune to the SIGHUP signal not the SIGTERM which is normally sent when you use the kill command.

First get the process number by running
ps aux
Then run
kill <process number>

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