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couple of vpn questions

By tuckertom20 ·
HI All, I have a couple of vpn questions.

My initial test with my vpn was to my home office today and the connection worked using IPsec, between a windows 7 and windows xp behind a DSL line.

Trouble is when I tried to map a drive to the Xp workstation it wouldnt give me access no matter what combination i used. Even tried local admin on the xp machine - am I missing something simple here?

Secondly, I connected using my WAN DSL modem IP (public IP) setup in passthrough mode. I dont have a static IP in my home office and use DYNDNS on the router for remote management. Can I use something like this to connect (hence not having to change the IP address everytime I want to connect via vpn)

Overall, I just want to connect to my vpn when online and my files to sync automatically (will be using windows 2008 server instead of the XP machine when things work properly).

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help :)

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