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    Courier Tracking website


    by sixog16348 ·

    I want to create an application where i can show the tracking lines of my user’s couriers so it can be tracked and also it’ll change tracking line color as per the dates stored in the database. If it is Dispatched it’ll show Red line and if it is shipped it’ll show blue line and so on. We need to add images dynamically. So when the site is designed there will no timeline images, as data is retrieved from the database and processed we add timeline for each shipment on the page dynamically. Please let me know as i’ve to finish it asap, thanks!

    Note: link to (future?) site removed by moderator as spam.

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      Re: courier tracking website

      by kees_b ·

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      Great idea. But it’s not clear what your question is.

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      Courier Tracking website

      by gulshan212 ·

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      Hello this is Gulshan Negi
      Well, you will need to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a server-side programming language like PHP or Node.js to create an application that can display the couriers’ tracking lines and change the color of those lines based on the dates stored in the database. You will need to create a database to store the information about the shipment, retrieve the information using server-side programming, generate HTML code to show the tracking lines dynamically, use CSS to style the lines and change their color based on the status of the shipment, use JavaScript to add interactive features, and deploy the application to a web server.

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      Reply To: Courier Tracking website

      by lyinmiklies ·

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      Thanks for this valuable information!

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      Courier Tracking website can be built on wordpress platform

      by e-commerce consultant ·

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      Yes, you can build the website with the functionalities you are looking for on the WordPress platform, it is a CMS but, nevertheless you can build the functionality via the free plugins available with it. There is a plugin available that allows you to track the deliveries and it has member restrictions as well.

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