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When this or that city is listed as getting 4G LTE, what does this really mean? If one is located in a nearby suburb, or between two cities on the list, might he be able to gain access? What kind of coverage area are we talking about?

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It means that the 4G LTE Service

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Coverage???

Will be getting rolled out progressively in those areas.

As for coverage this is generally speaking line of site so if you can see the area that has 4G Coverage from your home you should get coverage at your home.


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That would only the operator know

by TobiF In reply to Coverage???

If an operator just wants to "declare" LTE presence, then a few base stations may cover most of a city's central parts.

But if you want really high connection speed, you need to be rather close to a base station. So for higher capacity, both in number of users and in average connection speed, the operator needs to mount base stations in a rather dense mesh.

The only people who'll have any chance to know the roll-out plans of an operator will be the operator itself (and their contractors). You can try to ask them, but be prepared to get only the pre-written declaration read back once more.

However, unless specifically stated, I wouldn't expect suburbs to be included in a first wave.

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"might one", not "might he"

by john.a.wills In reply to Coverage???

"one" and "he" are distinct pronouns; "might he" would mean might someone other than the one referred to as "one".

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Takes out little black book

by santeewelding In reply to "might one", not "might h ...

Puts a check next to John's name.

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