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    cPanel and ease of hacking…


    by tpgames ·

    I read an article given to me by link, about one person’s opinion as to how super easy it is to hack into cPanel. This article pretty much bashed cPanel as if it was on the same level as Microsoft and IE. I was wondering what your opinions were. A turkish terrorist hacked into cPanel at 6:20am this morning (or about that time) and put up his political ad. FBI is involved and all that. cPanel did produce a patch for the security vulnerability. 10,000 servers aproximately were hacked (according to Pres. that hosts my site).

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      hacked with Cpanel

      by haggie ·

      In reply to cPanel and ease of hacking…

      I had my domain stolen (and recovered) last week by someone who
      knew how to hack cpanel. The blew right in, set my forwarder so
      the could intercept my email, and used this to steal my domain off
      Network Solutions. I’m still working with my web hoster to see how
      they did it. I’d sure like to see the links to both that person’s
      opinion, and the article about the turkish terrorist.

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        by tpgames ·

        In reply to hacked with Cpanel

        If you go to [url][/url] and navigate to support forums. Under paid hosting news, they do have a copy of the letter that my hosting company sent to all the paid subscribers. To add insult to injury, I did a very stupid thing. I used scrapbook to copy my files. I lost all of my data. I now, have a file to remind to NEVER do this again. My friend from Australia says I need to switch hosting companies. I believe that every single company that has access to the internet with their servers can actually be hacked. Hackers are not dumb. They are actually very bright. Unfortunately, it sounds like cPanel’s interface is NOT secure at all. I do not collect sensitive data, so my account doesn’t need tight security. Best Wishes with you account! I hope everything get cleared up soon, and cPanel gets even more secured.

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        Link to article:

        by tpgames ·

        In reply to hacked with Cpanel

        Forgot to give you a link to that article:

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          cpanel problems

          by haggie ·

          In reply to Link to article:

          Can you post me a link to anything about the FBI getting involved? The guy who messed with me is Iranian, and although I’ve talked to the FBI, I don’t think I’ve gotten the right person. If the FBI is involved in another case, I’d like to find out who is involved and talk to them.

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          sorry…I don’t have a name…

          by tpgames ·

          In reply to cpanel problems

          Sorry, in my case I had to give everything to the Minneapolis FBI unit. They did not give me a name. I would highly recommend getting into contacts with the FBI at the National level. I do not know who to contact. In my case, I had nothing of value. However, the President of t35 did. So he sent the FBI in, I believe, 3 different states. The hacker (actually called a Cracker), left a political calling card. This is why cPanel 10,000 servers being hacked got escalated. They imagined a national attack against the entire USA server population probably.

          Here is the direct link to the article that President Amelen sent me and all other Paid subscribers:


          However, because of what I recently did to my account, using an extension to firefox called Scrapbook, I wouldn’t recommend putting a business account on cPanel’s interface. However, because of what damage Scrapbook caused, cPanel might get a whole lot more secured! Scrapbook was told (through options) to go 3 links to gather copies of files. However, it violated cPanel’s security code, and all my files were dumped. Restoreing them didn’t work either. I’ve not learned what .htaccess.html does. I think this might have something to do with why files won’t restore. Pres. Amelen is now looking into my account.
          I feel sick to my stomoach because of what I did included other peoples stuff.
          Bye! Hopefully, all will work out for you!

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