CPU @ 100%, slowing everything to a crawl

By Trish44 ·
We have one computer that for the last month has been using 100% of the CPU. When you try to open a program it just crawls it's so slow & it's hard to do anything with it. We have Trend Micro for our virus software & it does spyware scans & we also have run AdAware on it & only found a few items. What could be causing this & how do we fix it. We have Windows XP PRO & use Firefox for our browser. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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by Langlier In reply to CPU @ 100%, slowing every ...

Find the top programs that are using a lot of memory/processor and post them. It may be something has gotten corrupted or it may be that you need further anti spyware/malware/virus protection.

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Processes tab under Task Manager

by ugadata In reply to Ctrl-Alt-Del

this just takes a previous post a step further.

To determine what process or processes are taking what percent of CPU time, After opening Task Manager, click on the Process Tab, then click on the CPU column heading to re-sort the column. It may require clicking on the CPU column more than once before it sorts the column properly.

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