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CPU and Browsing Effect

By QA_Jimmy ·
Does anyone know of a good site or paper that can give me information as to the effect of CPU speed on Internet Browsing?? I am under the impression that the difference in CPU speed will have minimal effect in comparison to things such as connection speed, browser type/version, and data set being retrieved. Is this a false assumption? More specifically, will I see a noticeable difference between a 400Mhz machine and a 600Mhz or 800Mhz machine?

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Minimal difference

by James R Linn In reply to CPU and Browsing Effect

All things being equal, ie, same modem, video card etc. I do need to qualify that a bit though. If you have a hardware modem(one that has its own processor, works in DOS etc) you will notice less difference than if you have a Winmodem. A Winmodem uses the CPU for some "modem" tasks so, there wil be a minor speed up. Upgrading to a hardware modem, if you have a low end CPU, will make some difference and its cheaper than easier than CPU/MB swapping.

As for downloading a file, thats mostly a function of your connection speed with your ISP - some modems are slightly faster than others.

Drawing a page is dependant on your video card and how much memory is on it, but from my experience most web pages don't exactly tax video cards, unless you are streaming video.


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Thanks for the Info

by QA_Jimmy In reply to Minimal difference

Seems as though you are clarifying my initial thoughts and I appreciate it, thanks. I didn't think that the CPU would have a significant impact unless I was trying to do something processor intensive. As it stands, we are launching a java applet via the browser, so our biggest difference will be experienced through our connection speeds and data sets. Thanks again.


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by mrafrohead In reply to Thanks for the Info

Other than what was stated previously:

I think that the only other difference that the processor is going to make is how fast your browser is going to open... And that will only make a difference up to a certain speed of chip... Once you get sofast within the processor, the browser will not be able to go any faster due to the software limitations...

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Java Impact

by QA_Jimmy In reply to

Will the CPU be a more important factor if we are launching a java applet or application via the browser? I know that java eats up memory, but I'm not sure of the impact the CPU may have.

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by James R Linn In reply to Java Impact

Java code can execute on the server, on the client(desktop) or on a combination of both. If there is a lot of client based processing, then sure the CPU will make a difference. If all the Java stuff is server based - no problems.


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