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cpu and motherboard problems

By jscflt093 ·
i have a laptop that got too hot and i think the cpu it possible to install a new matching cpu or will the m/b need replaced too. is there a way to test the m/b without the cpu?

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by Parbo In reply to cpu and motherboard probl ...

As far as I know there is no commercial way to test you MBD without the CPU.
If the CPU got fried you can alwys try a different one. If the new one doesnt work then most likely the MBD got issues as well and you can try the same scenario, new MBD with old CPU and new MBD with new CPU.

Sorry, I know what that is like

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by Gh0ztALArM In reply to cpu and motherboard probl ...

Well, heat traveles, and if the cpu got over heated enuff to kill your cpu, chances are everything else if dead also, sorry for the stroke of bad luck man, it happens to the best of us. and as far as testing goes, to test anyhting on a pc for a pc, and the such, most requires a pc to test these objects for beter effectiveness, a current tester can also help at times.

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by wlbowers In reply to cpu and motherboard probl ...

The only way to test a motherboard without a cpu is with an emulator. They are quite expensive and because of this you probably won't find a shop that has one.

Most testing of a laptop is usually done by replace and test.

Do a google search on laptop repair and email some of the hits with your laptop make and model.

Explain the situation and ask for their rates.

Once you get several quotes whether it is flat rate or by the hour now you have to make up your mind.

Now do a search on your model of laptop plus the word parts. Browse throught the hits till you find a listing of parts and prices.

The motherboard and screen are the two most costly items in the repair of a laptop.

To replace a motherboard depending on what make it is can take from 1 to 2 hours. Gateway seems to be the worst from my experience.

Depending on the age of your laptop (3 years or less) you will probably pay between $600 to $800 for a motherboard and new cpu. Of course the older the laptop the proce comes down.

Now go to ebay. Yea ebay. Do a search for the make and model you currently have and scan through the auctions. Now make up you mind.

Hope this rambling has helped.


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