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Hello! So I recently did a test between the new Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome. I opened 30 tabs and checked the memory usage. Firefox Quantum was using 1500 MB roughly and Chrome 1400 roughly. However Firefox was using about 11% of my CPU while Chrome was using half of it(so about 50%). My question is if a program shows more CPU usage in task manager but is less ram demanding is it gonna slow my PC more than a program using more in this case much more CPU but is a bit less ram demanding? I mean if more CPU is used is the computer getting slower or is it just RAM that matters in this case? I need to know generally and in my case(with the two browsers).Sorry if it sounds dumb but I am not very much into these things and I don't know

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Based upon my experience,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to CPU and RAM

I have found when CPU usage approaches 100 percent, no matter what system, software, OS, etc. I'm using, the PC slows down noticibly, and many times if it does reach 100 percent CPU usage, the system will freeze, sometimes for long periods, often requiring either reboot or force closing the offending application. On the other hand, when RAM usage exceeds generally about 75 percent, the system begins to use swapfile on hard drive more, and while it may slow a bit, it isn't nearly as drastic as that caused by CPU excessive usage. These are just general observations, and should not be considered "scientific" as I've never put any sort of measurement to them.

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Thanks for the useful information!

by stefanmz7 In reply to Based upon my experience,

Thanks! So now I know that Firefox Quantum is actually to be used for its minimal CPU usage at least on my PC. I mean not only it’s fast but uses very low CPU too. That will definitely be my browser for now. And also I learned some useful information about the difference netween CPU and RAM usage. Thanks again for the reply and for educating me in this part of the PC knowledge!

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