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CPU Clock

By taylorc5150 ·
When I boot my computer I get the following error message, "CPU Clock for ratio program failed previously. Please set up CPU host clock again" I figure that the problem lies with the BIOS but I can't think of an easy fix. Can anybody help?

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CPU Clock

by TheChas In reply to CPU Clock

Check the manual for your system / motherboard.

If this is a name brand system, you may need to contact their tech support for an answer.

I now ALWAYS manually set the CPU speed in BIOS settings for all systems that I setup.
I have seen too many problems with the BIOS frequency detection programs.

To set the CPU speed manually, you need to know the following:

Memory type and speed;
CPU type, Front Side Buss speed, and Actual clock rate.

As an example,
AMD Athlon 1200 with a 200 MHz FSB

Motherboard settings:
FSB = 100MHz
Clock multiplier = 12
RAM speed = FSB + PCI or 133MHz


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CPU Clock

by lee.paxton In reply to CPU Clock

If you can list either the specification of your system here, or the name and model if it is a brand computer, i'll find a fix for you.

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