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CPU Clock does not keep time

By dandp ·

i am hoping someone can help me with this. I have an AMD 64 3200 that cannot keep time. The System clock is off by about 15-20 minutes. I have set the correct time zone and even replaced the CMOS battery with a brand new one.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance,


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by dandp In reply to CPU Clock does not keep t ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by Jessie In reply to CPU Clock does not keep t ...

Does the time get progressively more behind, or does it stay pretty constant at 15-20 minutes behind? Is this computer on a network? It could be getting incorrect time from a domain controller, but that would also show up in whatever other computers were set to get their time from the controller.

It could also be the motherboard/cpu. Check that you've got the clock speed set correctly.

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by dandp In reply to

The computer is networked, but this is the only system having this trouble.
So, far it is consistently 15-20min. But if that changes, and it begins to lag behind more, what do you suggest?

How do I check the clock speed and be sure that it is correct?


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by In reply to CPU Clock does not keep t ...

Hello Dan...

Please provide some more information about your situation:

1. If you set the clock to the correct time, how long does it stay correct?

2. When it becomes incorrect, does it stay the same amount incorrect? Or, does it become more and more incorrect?

3. When it becomes incorrect, is it behind or ahead of time?

4. What operating system are you running?

5. Do you login to a domain on a corporate network?

6. Are you running VMWare or Virtual PC?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to CPU Clock does not keep t ...

I suggest adding a command to login script to sync time to DC (if in a domain):

Or you can add it as a scheduled task to resync every few hrs or so.

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by pcmaster In reply to CPU Clock does not keep t ...

It sounds to me that there must be something wrong internally on your machine that causes this, but I don't know what it may be. It might be your power supply is not putting out the proper wattage causing things to run fractionally slower, but that is only a guess and I wouldn't bank on that being correct.

All I can offer you is a solution to counteract the problem, making your clock stay on time. If you go to ArgoSoft and get their time synchronizer, this will keep your clock correct. It can be set to update every minute if you like. You can point the software to an external source or a local machine's IP on your network which you know is keeping accurate time. Go here to get the software. It's free.

Hope this helps.

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