CPU drops to zero during gameplay?

By pikleking23 ·
When I play Runescape about 5 - 10 mins in to gameplay, the cpu drops to 0 while the game's memory usage stays at 160k. It causes the games fps to drop incredibly low... then the cpu will spike back up to what it was before the drop, causing the fps to be normal again, then repeat. It does this forever.

I'm having similar issues as the person in this thread:

Things I have tried:
Updating Graphics Card drivers
updating BIOS
Scanning for Viruses/malware
re-installing java

1gb graphics card DDR5 radion
4gb DDR3 RAM
Quad core processor 3000 MHz

It is a custom build. I've never had this problem before. The only major thing I can think of that has changed on the computer since I have last played this game without a problem, was when I let Steam update my graphics card driver.

any ideas?

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What OS is in use here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CPU drops to zero during ...

That is probably more important than anything else as you are using 5 GIG of RAM and if it's a 32 Bit OS it can not address more than about 3.25 GIG.


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Gaming & HardWare

by prawe In reply to CPU drops to zero during ...

In most of the cases, Hardware issues occur when there is a device driver problem... My Best choice would be (assuming that you don't have issues with other games)..
Uninstall game and steam..
Bios settings -> reset to defaults.
uninstall and install Updated graphic card drivers
Reinstall the game and do not update (steam)..now play the game and see the difference..
If this happens again then contact the Game vendor with your problem.. they should be fixing it.


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Steam updated your graphics card driver?

by Slayer_ In reply to CPU drops to zero during ...

I think you should roll that back. And never ever ever let a third party program update a driver, any driver.

I wonder why Steam never tried updating my drivers? They are like 5 years out of date.

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GFX driver might require a reinstall of DirectX

by Charles Bundy In reply to CPU drops to zero during ...

Yup, I agree with SinisterSlay about the rollback, BUT you might want to try reinstalling DirectX just to see if something got munged betwixt the two...

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Probably not the Processor

by Jay Purple In reply to CPU drops to zero during ...

If youre getting a stable processor % while running office, internet, defragging etc (not gaming and by stable I mean not dropping to absolute zero like you posted) ... Roll back the driver and install the gfx cards driver from the manufacturers WEBSITE.

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