cpu error and motherboard error

By jimaalegeesi ·
plse iam very intrested the anwser of this quations. what is the cpu arror and motherboard error

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Need more information

by Tig2 In reply to cpu error and motherboard ...

What is the system? Are you getting a dialog or are you referring to POST beep code? What OS? What is the error?

Without knowing more about the problem, it is unlikely that anyone can help.

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Well depending on the Make & Model of the M'Board it can be one of several

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to cpu error and motherboard ...

The most obvious is that you need to set some jumpers for the CPU to be clocked correctly on the M'Board and this hasn't been done so the CPU is overclocked or working at the wrong speed or Multiplier.

It's also possible that on the newer Jumper less M'Boards you haven't setup the BIOS correctly to recognise the CPU so you keep getting this error message.

But as the previous posted has said without knowing more of the details of your setup it's impossible to tell you any more with the sketchy details that you've supplied.


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