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Cpu fan not registering

By fkfrnndz ·
Cpu fan is working but not registering on the BIOS. Registering 0 RPM, fan has been replaced same problem. Not sure whether CPU issue or motherboard issue. Recently update BIOS.

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by AmberHaze In reply to Cpu fan not registering

Three questions..

1. Which Motherboard
2. Which Bios
3. What was the reason for the bios upgrade in the first place?

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by G... In reply to Cpu fan not registering

Was it working before? If not, I'd guess that your motherboard/fan combination are either not able to register this or not "talking" together. May also be a wire prob.
Try a software to see if it's registering anything when OS started (like silentek). It also help to get some mesasges on the error.

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by TheChas In reply to Cpu fan not registering

First, this is a 3 terminal connector fan that plugs onto a 3 pin header on the motherboard.

If the fan is plugged onto a drive connector, or you are using an adapter cable, the RPM monitor is not connected.

Second, have you checked the motherboard manual to verify that the fan is connected to the correct connector for CPU fan.

Most motherboards have multiple connection points for fans. Make sure you are using the CPU fan connector.
If so, try a couple of other connectors and see if the board is just marked wrong.

Other things to try:

Enter BIOS setup, and go to the PC Health section.
Sometimes you need to select the fan before it will register.

When you updated the BIOS, did you reset the CMOS afterwards?
Often a new BIOS version uses different CMOS locations to store setup data. The BIOS may be ignoring your fan because a data byte is set wrong.


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